Why the hell do we do car giveaways on the side?

Slapping your company's name on a T-Shirt doesn't make you a brand.

It takes a little more than that.

"Don't Lose Sight" is our motto here at "itsjusta6". It's what we live by.

"Don't Lose Sight."

We created a brand that inspires people to go after what they want, to endure whatever it takes to get it.

Then we go out and live that sh*t.

We post videos about us doing it all on YouTube.


On Multiple Channels. Go see for yourself.


See The Hellcat

What's the difference between a fast car and a badass car?

That's right, You, the driver.

Grab life by the horns, and ride till it bucks you off.

And then get up, and hop back on.